The company RESIDENCES offers comprehensive property management and lease. We represent real estate owners in dealings with utility and energy providers, institutions and lessees. We provide a 24-hour help line for lessees in the Czech, English and French languages.

Provided services:

1. Real estate takeover

    • Ownership documentation
    • Insurance documentation
    • Energy meter readings
    • Equipment inspection reports (e.g. gas boiler, electrical lines, chimney, etc.)
    • Real estate condition documentation

2. Operational services

    • Calculation of rent and utility fees
    • Lease of real estate, including viewing and consultations about lease terms with real estate owners
    • Lease contracts and handover report in the Czech and English languages
    • Real estate handover and takeover
    • Real estate inspections
    • 24-hour emergency line for lessee
    •  Participation at meetings of owners associations

3. Technical services

    • Equipment inspections
    • Regular maintenance
    • Procurement of energy supplies
    • Real estate furnishing

Financial matters

    • Checking of rent and utility payments
    • Settlement of utility fees

Management fee per “unit”:

  • 7% of the rent plus V.A.T. per month as long as the unit is leased out
  • A fixed amount of 500 CZK a month plus V.A.T. if the unit is not leased out
  • We charge a one-month-rent fee plus V.A.T. for  long-term leases
  • For supervising the furnishing of apartments or small reconstructions, we charge:
    • Studio 10,000 plus TVA
    • 1-bedroom apartment 15,000 plus TVA
    • 2-bedroom apartment 20,000 plus TVA
    • 3-bedroom apartment 25,000 plus TVA
    • 4-bedroom apartment 30,000 plus TVA

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